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Welcome to Purple Comnet

csDear Visitors,

First of all, thank you for visiting our website.

Purple Comnet is formed by 2 divisions where the Security Team is in charge of systems installation such as Access Cards, Barrier and Auto Gate, Alarm & CCTV. The Security Team will continue to source for the latest and most secured products in the market to provide to our customers. While the Web Development Team is providing services including Web & Email Hosting, Domain Name, Company & Personal Website Design and so on. 

Our main objective is to ensure customer is 100% satisfied in the products and services we provide. Feel free to browse through our products and please do not hesitate to contact our sales representative for more information regarding the products that suites your usage. You may also request for a free quote from us for all our products.

 Thank you very much and hope you'll enjoy great days.

Our Products & Services

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  • Burglar alarms for residential, commercial, and industrial properties for protection against theft or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders. See what we have in store for you here!
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  • Our standard products are appropriate for commercial facilities, gated communities, mini storage facilities, high threat level installations and any other location where pedestrian and vehicle access needs to be controlled.
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  • MAG barrier gate wins all competition brand in the market by our innovative “No limit switch” design. Most barrier gate failure point is due to limit switch. Limit switch is used to determine opening and closing position of arm and constantly subjects to mechanical wear and tear. The more you use it the faster it will fail. Arm will be seen to tilted drop down or tilted backward in opening position. This looks ugly and give bad impression to your home or building. Barrier gate that uses limit switch requires a lot of maintenance to adjust or change limit switch which will incur more down time and higher maintenance cost.
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